Monday, September 1, 2014

Crash is the ugly truth

Crash is a movie about racism in modern LA. It shows the truth about how we all think about someones past, true or not to judge how we are going to communicate. The movie is about many different people of different races and class, all show how they are affected by racism and all show how they play into the racist without even meaning to. It plays into all the racist stereotypes; Hispanic maid, African American criminal, white racist cop, Indian convenient store owner and many more. They all have conflicts between each other, first half of the movie you'll like half of them and hate the others but then you will change your mind about both.

The truth to it is that many people have racism put upon then but wont do anything about it or will go to the extreme about it. Peoples best intentions are to have everything ok, but there is a long chain of revenge that carries over to the next person to act a certain way to someone. Its always best for people to remember that everyone has a story and to be mindful of it or respect it. I am sure that most cruel or horrifying stories of racist crimes were showing how a racist cop killed or beat a black man but what stories wont tell you is why he may of done it. That cop may have had something on his mind or something that happened to him for his mind to tell him that this man is the reasoning for that. If its the other way around such as a man shooting a cop you would here that he was trying to get away with something but there is probably more than that. Like a man having on his mind that one cop has murdered my friend or family member and this cop must be like that one cop and I am next. The whole point of this movie was to show everyone that all races could live together and all be safe.

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