Monday, September 1, 2014

Are the Watchmen more than just watching?

The 1986 DC limited series turn movie, Watchmen was a huge success through the simple and over-thought idea of: What if superheroes were real? Alan Moore answered the question through an elaborate story which truly answers the question everyone has asked. Based in New York City in 1985, Moore tells the story of a group of crime fighters whose presence in this alternate reality has dramatically affected and also changed the outcomes of events that took place in the real-world at the time. The group of superheroes are called the Minutemen and have been the answer to the United State's problems leading up to 1985. Although, as the story progresses the group who were once called heroes are now considered a threat to the US by increasing the tension of the impending nuclear war between Russia and the United States.

Throughout the book flashbacks are shown of the hero "The Comedian" in the past, which shows his mistakes and the growing corruption of the power given to him. In Ferguson and in many places around the US, our "watchmen" have shown signs of corruption through the power given to them by the government. Police officers are shown and perceived in our country as righteous heroes who protect us from the evil in the world. There are many cases and Ferguson is just one of how our view of officers can be exactly the opposite. Although many cops are truly here to serve the country as our protectors, just like their were many heroes in Watchmen, there are still many cops who aren't serving for the same reason. As more and more officers are overusing the power given to them for our protection it is becoming very hard to hold onto the perception of police officers being the heroes we need.

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  1. I think the connection you made between the oppressive authoritative figures in "Watchmen" and the events that have transpired recently regarding oppressive authority in our own society. I think that you argument was well thought a relevant.