Friday, March 3, 2017

United States of Huck and Tom, but Mostly Tom

The modern developing nation of the United States, based on the categorizing of George Saunders, is mainly a United States of Tom. Not to be too cynical, I do believe there is a small chance of hope and a ever growing ideology  that embodies Huck, but  the sad truth is that we live in a world full of bias, unfair privilege, and generational hatred.

Our news and informational media is bombarded with false facts and incredibly swayed points of view. In the United States today, citizens choose to neglect logic as well as real facts and proven information. Even science is interpreted in incredibly chaotic ways. People base their beliefs off what they want to believe, based off what they were taught. No question or skepticism is used when faced with contradiction. This leads to intense despair for many and the perpetuation of racism, sexism, homophobia and much more. With a nation unwilling to progress as well as except new ideals, we will never become a fully equally society. Although, there is some evidence of  progressive thinking.

Despite the enormous amounts of bias and hatred in society, there is still hope and change available. As a civilization, we do embody a United State of Huck. There has been enormous social change and a lean towards acceptance in our society. The rise of women's rights, acceptance of other cultures, political legislation towards progressiveness are all evidence  of our United States of Huck. Even though we do live in an accepting time, there are still enormous hurdles, and with every step forward, we have two steps backwards. Overall, despite our large culture of oppression and inequality, there is still cracks of hope and a promise for change.


  1. Haha I agree with this. Hopefully one day we can have a fully equal society but many people are still unwilling to change

  2. I agree with your point about the news, that is so incredibly true. Very detailed analysis of America today.