Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ghostbusters 2, Defying or Supporting Stereotypes?

Ghostbusters 2 was released in 2016 as a sequel to the first film that came out in 1984. Throughout the film, Ghostbusters carries on the stereotype that whites are smarter than blacks and the stereotype of the “typical street black woman”. While supporting these stereotypes, the movie also defies the stereotype that women are unable to do what men do.

Ghostbusters 2 has four women, three of which are scientists, who catch ghosts throughout New York City. The problem with this is that the three scientists are white, while the other women is portrayed as a street black woman. An example of this is when the non-scientist Patty, played by Leslie Jones, says “You guys might be scientists, but i know New York”. This has been criticized heavily because it promotes the stereotype that whites are smarter than blacks. It also carries on the stereotype of the “street black woman” because it is saying that they are not smart and their only knowledge is through their street knowledge. Another example is when one scientist says, “We are scientists...plus Patty”. It seems as if she is only there to help guide the three scientists to their success, not hers. She is being used for their gain, but she is not gaining anything herself.  It also perpetuates the stereotype of “street savvy black women” by having Pattyƛ contribution be through her knowledge of New York. She let them be the “brains” of the group while she contributes through her familiarity to the street life. While continuing these stereotypes the movie also defies stereotypes at the same time.

The major difference between the two Ghostbusters films is the cast. The first Ghostbusters consists of four main characters who are males while the main characters in Ghostbusters 2 are woman. This is big because it defies a major gender stereotype that women cannot do everything men do. Having a predominantly female cast shows that women are just as talented as men and can do everything they do and in this case it’s catching ghosts. In a lot of movies women tend to be a part of the supporting cast rather than having a main role and this movie switches that around completely. This movie puts woman in the main roles of the film that have not been seen in a lot of other films.

While Ghostbusters 2 is a funny and classic movie, it has many stereotypes that are hidden at first glance but when you take a deeper look they are clearly there. There are many movie that you think might not contain stereotypes but if you take a deeper look, stereotypes tend to come up. These stereotypes can change your perspectives on the film as a whole. Ghostbusters 2 is a perfect example of that.

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