Saturday, March 4, 2017

One Nation Under Tom

Both raised in similar environments, it's intriguing to compare the different morals and personalities of young boys Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Even though they were raised in the same town with the same community, through the adventures of the novel it is clear that they are two very different children. Huck, the protagonist readers are following the entire story, learns to value people over situation. When it comes to Jim, the slave Huck be-friends despite his doubts, Huck learns to see him as a human over his title of enslavement. Jim's capture makes him realize this, as he risks the shame he would face back home to save his friend. Tom, on the other hand, seeks thrill over morals. He values his reputation, he values a good story from a good adventure rather than the actual people in this adventure. Tom risked him and Huck being caught rescuing Jim in order to make their crime more like the ones he read in stories, dramatic and elaborate. These two contrasting values seem scarcely similar to modern Americans.

When looking at the current United States image, it is clear that we are a United States of Tom. A major factor in this is our current president Donald Trump. He constantly expresses how he cares about the success of the country rather than the well being of it's citizens. Not only him, but other sources of media and news seem to value the interesting tale over the truth. The term 'click-bait' defines the act of promoting an exaggerated title to draw the audience into the actual story. This act is something Tom practically invented, fabricating and altering reality to make a more exhilarating outcome. Whether its to gain popularity, success, money, etc., most Americans are guilty of this.

There are, however, good and honest people who wish to live under The United States of Huck. Those who fight against social standards to protect other's are examples of Huck personalities. For example, the recent protests against immigration bands sweeping our nation under Trump's request. Those who have no blood connection to those directly affected by this band still march in airports and speak their mind the ways they can. Huck's decision to help Jim live free is practically parallel to these modern events. Therefore, although we are currently a nation under Tom Sawyer, through love and support we can rise under Huckleberry Finn.

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