Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Color Blending

In America today, dating is seen as a very normal task. But once race becomes a factor, a simple date can seem like an attack on a family. In the episode “Baby Got Black” from the television show Family Guy fights racial stereotypes and barriers as two fathers come to an agreement for the better good.

In this episode of Family Guy, Chris begins to date a girl named Pam. This relationship is very casual, and both parents know about it. Soon after, Pam’s father confronts Peter, and claims “I don’t want my daughter to date a white boy…”. As the episode progresses, the tension between the two fathers becomes greater, and they catch the two kids together alone. Pam’s father then tells her that she does not want her to date him, and Peter tells Chris “Gotta keep the races separate. White date whites, blacks date blacks.” With this blunt comment Pam’s father sees how he has overreacted and has a change of heart, and allows pam to date Chris.

This issue with interracial relationships has been a problem ever since race relations began. In the early days of slavery, masters at times had relationships with slaves, and lost all power in the community because of it. Recently parents of a white daughter cut off all support and contact due to her black boyfriend. What this episode is showing is how foolish parents can be when it comes to protecting their child. Love is love, and parents need to respect their child’s decision no matter their views.

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