Thursday, March 2, 2017

Striving for U.S.Of Huck

In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain conveys a major character contrast between Huck and Tom Swayer. These set of friends have two very different views and personal beliefs that represent two different sides of american culture. Huck is someone that learns by experience and creates his own ideals and personal beliefs. Throughout the story we see Huck grow as a person while on his adventure with Jim. As Huck meets new people and makes connections he is able to realize that all of the things he has heard from society is not what he believes to be truthful.

Throughout the novel we see Huck and Jim create such a strong friendship. Huck realizes how important Jim's freedom truly is and he wants to help him. He starts to become more understanding about people and most importantly race. This is known as the  "The United states of Huck." Which is an america where people stick up for what they believe is right rather than going with what everyone else is doing. In today's society this is not something that is very common anymore. We are not currently living in "The United States Of Huck," we are living in "The United States Of Tom."

Tom's character is someone who is very into reading and learning by example. He comes from a very well-off family and listens to what others have to say. He forms his opinions by reading or hearing what has been said in the past and sticking to those beliefs. For example, in the introduction The Untied States Of Huck,  the author states, " These things are only imperfect imitations of the people and things about which he has read." So I believe that in today's society we are more like "The United States Of Tom" because most people out there just listen to what other people have to say and anything they read. Tom sort of represents this overall stereotype that many many people still hold over racial minorities in today's world.

Our United States needs to strive to be more like Huck. We should follow what we truly think and how we feel. We shouldn't all have the exact same opinions, yes you can agree with someone but there is always going to be someone that doesn't agree. And those someones need to share their ideas and voices because that is how we create change in this world. I hope soon we can break this american society of "The united States Of Tom."

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  1. I like how you talked about not having the exact same opinions on everything, I think that is a problem in politics.