Friday, March 3, 2017

Huck vs. Tom

In the grand scheme of things, the United of States is 80% Tom and 20% Huck. Tom is someone who likes kings. codified nobility, and unquestioned privileged. Through our country's history you can see that unquestioned privileged is one of it's main faults. Throughout history whites were treated better than blacks and to a certain extent still receive better treatment today. The 20% of Huck comes from the country hoping for better and having the ability to care. As a country the ability to hope for the better is crucial because if they do not have that factor they no plans for success.

The United states of Tom is what is country has become and what it will continue to be for a number of years. Although many actions occurred to show progression between the two major races in this nation there is still major separation between them. Not only are there racial aspects but unquestioned privileged also refers to gender. Early in this nations history all of the power lied in the hands of white males. In today's society you can still see that in the workforce. Women are paid less than men for the same job and are in the minority when it comes to high positions, so they do not receive the same privilege. Also Huck is in favor of fair play but to a certain extent that can go both ways. I say this because when it comes to business fair play in the sense of exploiting employees was taken care of and protection of items but fair play in politics is not much of a thing.

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