Thursday, March 23, 2017

Daredevil feminist critique

In season 2 episode 5 of Daredevil another female character is introduced into the plot and she represents power for women. While the new woman represents another source of power there still is an overbearing power of patriarchy. The patriarchy comes in when Daredevil, the hero of the city tries to protect the purity in women and wants them to just sit back and not get involved in situations because he does not think they can handle them. Also since the power from a seductress she has the ability to weaken the man which weakens his power and force him to become unfocused. Within this episode the show represents a patriarchal society where women with power cannot run without the shadow.

Previously there were two main female characters before Elektra was introduced and both of them were under the wing of Daredevil's protection. One was an assistant who was persistent in finding information no matter what position it put her in. Often she found herself in dangerous situations because she was heavy on finding the truth and due to that the alias of Daredevil, Matt Murdock is protective of her which pushes her away from him. He constantly tells her not to do certain things because he believes that she cannot take care of herself and he must be the one to take care of her which enforces the patriarchal ways. The other was a nurse who took in patients without recording it for their safety due to Daredevil. In her case Daredevil did the opposite of what he is meant to do, by trying to save he put others in danger, yet she overcame the obstacles he caused and held her own .

Elektra on the other hand is a character that attacks and reinforces the idea that this show takes place in a patriarchal society due to the fact that she is a successful woman who can hold her own in dangerous or difficult situations but then again when one particular quest is too tough she reaches out to a male for help. When she is first introduced it is through a flashback of when her and Matt first met at a party, and immediately she was seen of having wealth, power, and fearless. The first night they met she stole a Ferrari and was not worried about and consequences and during this event she was in control, she led and Matt followed. As their relationship progressed events like this occurred more and more but it was one event where she exerted too much of her power. They both broke into the house of the man who killed Matt's father but going into it he was not aware of who owned the house, when he "unexpectedly" arrived, Elektra stated who owned the house and she began to assault him. After the assault she tied him to a chair where Matt beat him within an inch of his life and from then on Elektra was telling him to finish him and kill him which Matt did not do even though she held power over him in that time.  This event shows how she had the power to force him to do things out of his character.

Years later when they are reacquainted she donates a large amount of money to his law firm for his help with illegal events because they are too much for her to handle on her own. But within this we learn that she hold power over him because she predicted him to come back and we learn that she is bloodthirsty but he still tries to drag her away from what she is to pure and protect her from all evils. This episode shows both a patriarchal society and power from women characters but in my opinion patriarchy is stronger because the power from the male character is stronger than women's.

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