Tuesday, March 7, 2017


South Park is a comedic animated series that at times can be controversial on topics such as gender roles, races, and the life or reputations of real people. The episode “Naggers” starts on the scene of Wheel of Fortune and the final guess came from the unfinished word N-GGERS. The word guessed was not “naggers” even though the question asked was people that annoy you. This episode is relevant at anytime in history including right now because as long as I can remember this word has been around and is still around. It’s frequently used in music, day to day talk between blacks, and movies or shows. Although the episode was highly controversial for reasons that I will bring up later, it brought some interesting points if it's thought about. The N-word has been around and will always be around but because it is normalized does not mean the word does not have power or is understood by everyone.

The main character of this episode was Stan Marsh, the one who mistakenly said the N word on live television. After this incident he tried to justify the embarrassment to his family and himself by saying he thought he was going to win $30,000. This attempt at justification can be an accurate depiction of those who still use that word, meaning there are no repercussions unless you get caught. In today’s day and age that still should not be acceptable, just because there are no repercussions does not mean it is right. It’s what the word at one time represented and how it had an effect on oppressing an entire group people. Also in this episode Stan was referred to as the “N word guy” by whites and blacks, it was as if the word meant nothing just because it was put with the word “guy”, it was alright for everyone to say. Just by adding another word it took the power away from it and made it meant nothing. Finally, in the episode the black character was heavily affected and expressed that whites will never understand, and apologized will not serve any justice. Race separates people by things that one other by things that the other won’t understand because they weren’t directly affected.

By attacking race and such a controversial part of race and racism they brought valid points for one to think on. Racism was meant to create a division and give power to one specific race but whites and blacks will never truly understand the feeling of the other side.

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