Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trump Criticizes Cruz

In Donald Trump’s latest political ad he attacks his fellow candidate Ted Cruz regarding Cruz’s views on immigration. The ad states that Cruz wishes to let undocumented immigrants remain in the United States permanently and to obtain legal status. Trump believes that one of our nation’s biggest problems is undocumented immigrants and he and his followers believe that letting undocumented immigrants stay in the United States hurts the nation and especially hurts the economy. In this advertisement, Trump criticizes Cruz’s views on immigration with the use of visual and auditory rhetorical techniques, that put Trump in a positive and valiant light and put Cruz in a negative and untrustworthy light.

Throughout the advertisement, Trump uses a contrast in music to emphasize that individuals should be worried about Cruz’s views on immigration and should trust Trump. When clips of Cruz appear in the ad, looming and intense music plays. The music has a fast beat, with unexpected symbol crashes and booms, all which make viewers feel uneasy and alert when Cruz is talking. The music ultimately presents Cruz in a negative, panicked light. When Donald Trump appears in the ad towards the end, the music changes from intense and abrupt to more soothing and pleasing music. The music is slower, has subtle trumpet noises, and a very patriotic vibe. The change in music from chaotic to calm when Trump appears, makes Trump look like he has control, and the patriotic undertones in the music as Trump is speaking about his views on immigration make Trump appear to really care about those issues in our country.

Trump uses bold and simple text to get straight to the point when criticizing Cruz’s views on immigration. As video clips of Cruz talking about his beliefs that illegal immigrants should be able to gain citizenship in the United States play on the screen, large text appears next to the clips that say “PRO IMMIGRATION” and “PRO AMNESTY” in all capital letters. These quick blurbs of criticism are simple and to the point, and are easy for all to understand. Donald Trump’s views are against illegal immigration and amnesty and by using text to identify Cruz as supporting these issues, Trump puts Cruz in a bad and untrustworthy light. The text is also surrounded by a dark red color, which makes it identifiable, but also gives the message an easily viewable negative tone. The simplicity of Trump’s criticism makes it easy for viewers to see and comprehend that Cruz is the bad guy in this light.

Trump uses visual and auditory effects to create a simple and comprehensible advertisement against Ted Cruz. With the use of loud, fast music and bold text, Trump makes viewers uneasy and alert when the ad focuses on Cruz. The contrasting positive tone when Trump is shown in the ad is complemented by light patriotic music. The negative and positive contrast between Trump and Cruz is easily identifiable, and shows that Trump believes that Cruz’s views on immigration are ineffective and an overall  threat to our nation.

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  1. I really like how you broke down the separate aspects of Trump's campaign ad against Cruz. I think in our increasingly visual-based society, it's important to look at auditory cues, which you totally did. I also have noticed that instead of building up his own ether, Trump seems to focus primarily of playing to pathos and/or tearing down the ethos of his opponents. I also looked at Trump's interactions with Cruz in my blog post about the birther debate Trump started yet again.