Monday, January 4, 2016

Democratic debate

It seems that in these democratic debates, people and the commentators often get side tracked with personal or campaign problems. It is important to figure out Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal, simply because that has to do with integrity. She has been trying to sweep it under the rug her whole campaign. She immediately lost my vote when she did not come straight out with the whole true. Reasons being, I can't trust her. The way Bernie Sanders dealt with the problem of leaked information was perfect. He was very honest with everyone and acted swiftly to cut the problem out of his campaign and come to a resolution. He informed everyone that information on Hillary's campaign was found on their computers and he had it deleted. He found that information again, but this time someone who worked for him look at it. He then proceeded to fire that person and delete the information. He didn't stop there. He is currently running a private investigation to find out if anyone else on his staff has seen the information and if they have they will be fired.  They then get very fired up about gun control. Governor O'Malley managed to insult everyone on the stage and everyone other presidential candidate while saying that we need massive gun control.  I don't understand why there is so much stress about gun control. It really isn't that hard. Just have very strict policies on who can obtain a gun and ban all automatic guns. Automatic guns are used by the military to kill quickly and efficiently, that kind of gun power is not needed by a civilian. That is not used for self-defense. This is one of the arguments that is used and I completely agree with it. Then comes the time for everyone on stage to attack the stupid republicans. I myself am more republican, so I disagree with most of what they say. Then the Trump is brought up. I proceed to kick my feet up and enjoy watching them burn a man who may be very wealthy and hilarious, but has no idea how to run a country. I always laugh when ever democrats bring up the name of Trump, but they somehow always attach his name and how he acts to all of the republican candidates. Just because a moron who happens to be republican runs for president, does not mean every republican is a moron. However, it is very sad that he is still winning and quite frightening.  

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