Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Are Guns the Enemy?

Gun ownership is a sport for some. Concealed carry allows them to feel safe and target shooting serves as a fun hobby. Taking away guns would be stealing a way of life from these people. However, those who own guns turn a blind eye to the numbers of people that die in the United States due to gun violence.

I've heard many people defend their artillery with the statistic that the U.S is far behind a lot of countries in terms of gun violence. However, in terms of developed countries, the U.S is in the #1 spot by a ridiculous margin. People who own guns are vapid dissenters to the gun control movement because it disrupts their daily life. Kids dying in urban concrete jungles might not be in their backyard, but getting rid of guns is. Gun owners represent an overbearing majority that cannot be overpowered until the number of Americans with guns drops. It has been steadily dropping over the past 10 years, so strict gun control and possibly, far in the future, the repeal of the second amendment, could happen. Until then all Gun control enthusiasts can do is compromise.

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