Monday, January 25, 2016

The Cycle of Abuse: Gun Violence

In America today, we have all heard something about the need to control gun violence. In Chicago especially, there was an entire "put the guns down" movement. While gun violence is sky rocketing and people are getting killed left and right, we also have to realize that some of the mistreatment of weapons is coming from our "trained" officers. How are we supposed to expect civilians, that acquire weapons illegally and have no proper training to use reasoning when our law enforcement seems to have no restraint.

The example set for the average person is to solve others disobedience with violence and excessive shooting. You cannot possibly preach the need to control gun violence, when the people put into position to serve and protect you are also mistreating the use of their weapons with no consequence whatsoever.  There needs to be a complete change on both side of the tracks.

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  1. I like how you took a different approach on gun violence in America by focusing on the police force and how some officers are using guns the same way as civilians who obtain them illegally. You also may consider branching out on how you would solve the problem of police gun violence in America.