Sunday, January 24, 2016

America Needs to Crack Down

The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which grants people the right to bear arms, is continually argued in the United States. Some people see guns as a necessity to their security. However, guns are quite threatening to the lives of many Americans, and therefore there should be more preventative measures taken for those who are allowed to possess guns.

More than 30 people are shot and murdered each day, and more than 30,000 people are killed by firearms every year. The only way to significantly reduce this number would be by having stricter background checks for people who wish to purchase guns. For example, almost every state does not require proof of an I.D to purchase a gun. If photo I.D's were required to purchase a gun, it would limit a lot of people from purchasing firearms. People who wish to purchase a gun should have to pass tests and courses before they are allowed to possess guns.

In addition to stricter rules for the people buying guns, there should be stricter rules for the people who are selling guns. People selling guns should be required to have a license that allows them to sell guns, and they should only be rewarded this license after a rigorous course outlining their responsibilities has been taken.
I do agree that some people, especially those who live in rural areas where the closest police station is an hour away, need to possess guns in order to assure their safety. If this is the case, then it seems reasonable for these people to go through the training so that they are able to possess their guns.
Although it would be ideal if guns could be outlawed in the United States, they have been a part of our American culture for such a long time that some people have come to rely heavily on guns to insure their safety. Although this may be the case, mass shootings that take the lives of 26 students and teachers at an elementary school, or shootings that take the lives of a Chicagoan every 2.5 hours should be put to an end. In order to do this, America needs to crack down on its gun policies.


  1. I agree with your argument, I also think there should be gun control laws in the U.S. If people were required to pass tests regarding gun ownership before being allowed to purchase a firearm, then I think there would be a substantial decrease in homicide rates.

  2. I concur with your main points. I think the statistics you had to prove your point made your statements stronger. Having tests and background checks are definitely essential when purchasing a firearm. Using a firearm for safety is a good idea but only when in the hands of a credible and ethical person.