Thursday, January 21, 2016

Feel The Bern From The Cold, Hard Facts

In the recent Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders butted heads over a variety of topics. All politicians have special techniques they use to sway the voters their way. In particular Bernie Sanders love sticking to the cold hard facts. Bernie Sanders employs logos to show voters how he will improve America and convince them to vote for him.           

Bernie Sanders uses key facts to show voters how his policies will positively impact them. Last Sunday at the Democratic debate, Sanders and Clinton argued over health care. Sanders said, “29 million people still don’t have health care.” This kind of information is used to shock listeners. Sanders followed up this astonishing fact by saying he will “lower health care by 5,000 dollars for middle class families.” A majority of voters are part of the middle class. Hearing that Sanders can save them 5,000 dollars on health care grabs their attention and encourages them to vote for him. While Sanders tells voters he can save them money, he also reminds them that they are spending far more money than other countries when it comes to healthcare. Sanders says, “Tell me why we are spending almost three times more than the British, who guarantee health care to all of their people, 50% more than the French, [50%] more than the Canadians.” Sanders intends to bring the cost of healthcare down for middle class families. By showing how much cheaper health care is in other countries, Sanders hopes to show voters that he can close that gap and bring the United States to the same level as these other countries. Throughout the entire campaign, Sanders has been very logos centered and has used facts to support his arguments and appeal to the American voters. 


  1. I like that your writing is very organized, because that helped it flow and make sense. If you write a little bit about why he uses those techniques of logos I think it would add to the effectiveness of your argument. Great title also.

  2. I like the way you presented this. Do you think that people are starting to find Bernie as someone who promises more than they can commit to after all of this? It seems as though he is making many bold claims while advancing in the campaign process.