Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gun Violence

As time goes on, more and more reports of gun-related deaths are brought to the attention of the public. Each scenario is different in its own way, yet they are all in common in the sense that at least one human death was taken from a metal bullet. Society continues to contemplate the way in which we should go about fixing this horrible dilemma that seems to reoccur far too many times. Some people debate that the source of the problem is merely the person, that people kill people, and guns are blamed for the actions of those people. Others take the approach that the killing is done by the object itself. 

I believe that while people may, and most definitely are at times, be the reason that a person is killed in a gun-related incident, there are times in which a misfire occurs or a trigger is accidentally pulled. While these events many only happen in rare circumstances, innocent lives are still at stake. It is undeniable that lives would be saved at times like those if guns were not in the picture. Even for the instances that the killing was not accidental, it is hard to argue that if a life-threatening weapon was not present at the scene of the crime, less casualties would not occur. 

There are many circumstances in which guns are not only seen as objects of evil. When it comes to police enforcement and other forms of protection that our government supplies, weapons such as guns could be seen as necessary. It is important that police and law enforcers have a way to defend both themselves and the people that they have vowed to serve. This reason relates back to the initial cause for having a ¨right to bear arms¨ written in our Constitution. Protection is very important. 

Many new video games and other sources of entertainment now promote violence, specifically gun use. Installing comfort with using guns, even if it is only on a screen, into the younger generations sets our society up for a vicious future. In order to help prevent this, making it harder to purchase guns would be essential. The only way stop the madness that we continually witness with gun violence is by taking the device that allows murder to happen away from those who are not mentally stable or are clearly not trained in using it. 


  1. This is very interesting because I like that you state how protection is important. Many people who are anti-gun forget that guns are a necessity in protecting us. Do you think that after all of the controversy about guns and police, such as the issue in Ferguson, do you still believe that all police men should be armed?

  2. By bringing in examples from all kinds of scenarios, your argument is made clearly and effectively. However the controversial issue of police having guns, after recent police involved killings, creates the argument that not all police should have guns because they also pose a threat to the community that they vowed to protect. Is there another way to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands, even if that person is on a police force?