Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump Represents the United States of Tom

     George Saunders describes how American can be described as two parts; The United States of Tom or The United States of Huck. Overall, Americans fall into these two categories. One can either be in the close minded United States of Tom, or the curious and open minded United States of Huck. In present day, the 2016 Presidential Election is currently in the running, with many candidates who fall into both categories. However, one person who is the epitome of The United States of Tom is Republican candidate Donald Trump. His many ridiculous actions have earned him this position, but one recent statement of Trump really portrays his mind of inequality and his overall close mindedness.
     Saunders said that "The United States of Tom looks at misery and says: Hey I didn't do it. It looks at inequality and says: All my life I have busted my butt to get where I am, so don't come crying to me" (203). Recently, Trump released a statement "calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." Trump clearly believes that we should all be living in the United States of Tom. Many Muslims are fleeing Syria, and the Syrian refugee crisis is now an issue being mended by many countries all over the world. The refugees are fleeing because they are in danger and have faced oppression, but all Trump can say is "that's not my problem." Trump is close minded and does not care about inequalities that people are facing all over the world. According to the presidential polls, Trump is leading the Republican candidates, which means that we all could be living in the United States of Tom if Trump is elected.

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