Monday, December 7, 2015

"Don't Judge Me" , a song on Chris Brown's album Fortune, was very popular when it was first released. The song relates back to some of the situations that Chris Brown was going through at the time that his album was released. In the song, he is speaking to someone he loves. He's telling that person to let go of the past and let him be able to prove that he can be a better person.

He refers to how society bashes him with pictures and rumors from his past. He doesn't that to interfere with the relationship that he has with that person. "I won't deny what they saying/ Because most of it is true/ But it was all before I fell for you", those few lines grasps the main point of this song. He does not want be judged based off things that occurred in the past.

"So please don't judge me/ And I won't judge you", represents the overall theme of him being judge based on his past with someone else. The person he's speaking to also has a past, but he won't judge them because it was before they fell in love. "'Cause it can get ugly/ Before it gets beautiful", those two lines represent ruining something so beautiful before it can even begin. He wants the relationship to be better than both of their pasts. "Just let the past/ Just be the past/ And focus on things/ That are gonna make us laugh", this relates back to the theme of moving forward from events that happened before. He wants to focus on the relationship other than his past relationships.

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  1. While "Don't Judge Me" is definitely a good song, I don't really agree with its message. I'm definitely going to judge someone that beats their girlfriend. You can't make a song about it and hope everyone will forgive you.