Thursday, December 3, 2015

Football Games

In a skit by Key & Peele, called "Pre-Game Pump Up", Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele go over something that is very important to think about. During the skit, they play two football players trying to pump up their football team. They start off working together just yelling and eventually it turns into aggression and they start fighting and in the end Keegan-Michael Key get's killed. During the skit there are so many things to laugh at but if you look at it closely it shows many examples of Irony. Near the end of the skit, Keegan-Michael Key thinks he has Jordan Peele cornered and is going in for the kill, as the audience we know that it's not him due to his hair being different and the way he stands being different. This shows Dramatic Irony because as the audience we know that it isn't Jordan Peele but Keegan-Michael Key doesn't know that. There is also a ton more of Satire within the skit. Also you learn more about Male aggression and violence in sports and how bad it is. This skit can relate to Geno Smith and how he got his jaw broken by one of his players and then he had to sit out for multiple weeks.

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