Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Huck States of Tom

Today, the United States is in an odd spot. Some people look at the humanity and logic of our situations and build off of that towards solutions, while others find comfort in the Mother Goose books read to us as kids. I believe that, looking at it as objectively as possible, the United States is in a Tom state right now. People typically like to think that when something that would bring punishment or ridicule onto them, it was never their fault. They try to pin the blame on someone else. Sadly, this is the majority of the U.S. where it is now, and despite there being a large portion of the U.S. with a Huck mindset, people with a Tom mindset will forever be stuck in that mindset. The way it goes is that something goes wrong, and a Tom blames it on a Huck who takes the blame and finds a solution. If it were all Hucks, there wouldn't be problems that don't have solutions. If it were all Toms, we'd have too many problems with solutions that create an infinite amount of other problems. I'd say that we live in a Tom/Huck mix of a U.S., but after all, that's just my opinion.

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