Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Satire changing society

Modern Family is one of the most popular TV sitcom's on the air right now. It's based on three families within one big family of more modern relationships and types of people. They have the common stereotypes in almost every character. This big family holds all the big and small stereotypes imaginable, including the gold digger with the rich old white man, the cliche fabulous gay father, the pretty but dumb daughter, the housewife and so on. At first many would think it's an extremely offensive and at times possibly racist show, but it's strictly satirical.
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In one of the somewhat recent episodes, one of the actresses Sofia Vergara who plays Gloria, received some backlash along with the creator of the show for a seemingly racist remark. Her husband, as shown as a the old man married to the gorgeous young lady, insults her ethnicity. In response Gloria responds with, "Here we go! Because, in Colombia, we trip over goats and we kill people in the street. Do you know how offensive that is? Like we're Peruvians!" Some people, assuming some Peruvians as well took this as racist and quite offensive. But, as there are always people to come to defense on the internet many pointed out was that this remark was to make fun of Gloria and not Peruvians. Her argument crumbles because she's upset at the offensive remark while her comeback is just as offensive to others. 

Modern Family is hilariously popular because it has somebody or at least some trait that almost everybody can relate to. Although society has morphed over the past years to become more accepting of multiple ideas of gender, sexuality, relationships etc not everything, like TV has shifted quite yet. Modern Family is one of the only shows that the viewers will love all the different type of people portrayed no matter what is different about them. The majority of shows will have a mom, a dad, and two or three kids and that is the norm for our society still it's not like that for every household. This show is a minority itself because of the difference it has compared to every other show on TV. Media has a huge impact on how people act, associate, and think and with more shows like Modern Family it's highly likely for more people to become accepting. Satire opens up the eyes for many through humor for the narrow minded to the greater idea. 

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  1. I have never really look at this show like this and after reading your blog post I am going to view it differently and more closely. Great job in bringing this up and you really changed my whole view. Great writing too.