Thursday, December 10, 2015

The United States of Huck: A Transformation from Trump to Sanders

For the sake of the argument that Saunders presents in "The Unite States of Huck," let the presidential candidate Bernie Sanders represent Huck, and let the laughing stock of the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump, represent Tom. The difference between Huck and Tom in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is that Huck believes in the good of humanity, fair play, and equality (or as much as it was possible to believe in equality for one raised in a conservative, slave-owning hometown). On the other hand, Tom does not understand compassion. As Saunders states, "Tom looks at misery and says: Hey, I didn't do it. [He] looks at inequality and says: All my life I have busted my butt to get to where I am, so don't come crying to me." This conceited attitude is well represented by Trump's presence in the 2016 campaign. 

The time has come where the people are ready and waiting for The United States of Huck. The people have suffered too long under The United States of Tom. With unemployment rising, and minimum wage dropping, the US has never needed a "Huck" as badly. This is what the democratic candidate Bernie Sanders can bring to our nation. Unlike Trump, Bernie recognizes the unequal distribution of wealth, and is fighting for change. 

In a recent campaign speech Bernie said, "There is something profoundly wrong when the top one-tenth of one percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent." This quote is this epitome of what this nation needs by a United States of Huck. If Trump was allowed to go forth with his "United States of Tom" mentality, the nation would crumble. We cannot continue to live with this unfair, unequal distribution of wealth. The people at the bottom working minimum wage jobs with as many hours as they can scrape together are working as hard - and arguably harder - than the top 1%. 

Until the United States can come together and elect a leader who will the United States of Huck mentality, our nation will not flourish with the selfish mentality of our past leaders. 

It is time for change - it is time to become the United States of Huck.


  1. This post sounds like one of Bernie's campaign speeches. I am really glad that your analysis did not use Trump to represent the entire Republican party, good post Emma!

  2. I really like how you brought the Huck vs Tom battle and transfixed it over the current presidential debate. I agree with you that many American people for a United States of Huck and how that can be realized through a candidate like Bernie Sanders.

  3. I agree with your opinions on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. I believe that if Trump is elected he will set the U.S. back several decades in terms of the progression it has made in the past 10-20 years. I think Bernie Sanders is a great representative for Huck because he is looking for the best interest of the average American citizen.