Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dark Knight Rises: You Think Stereotypes Are Your Ally?

The Dark Knight Rises is a blockbuster movie premiering in 2012, embracing America's true love for superhero/action movies. This movie is the last of Christopher Nolan's Batman series, therefore the events from the previous movies have affected Batman in this one. In this concluding movie, Gotham City faces terrorist attacks waiting for their hero to arise and save them, only for Batman to have been self-exiled for too long, thus creating more problems for himself.

But America just can't seem to get enough male dominance and overly sexualized female "sidekicks" aka attractive females who can fight but still needs to be rescued by the main male character at some point. The Dark Knight Rises reinforces gender stereotypes with its interactions and assumptions of the main characters, but also shines a light on the fragility of our world.

The main female character, Catwoman, is played as a stereotype in many ways. She's seen as a conceited, beautiful woman who will do anything to get herself ahead. In one scene where she and Batman team up, Catwoman leads Batman straight to Bane, the lead terrorist, to save herself from them. Her actions cause Batman to be tossed into a prison at the bottom of a hole outside of the country.

Catwoman is also portrayed as a sexual object who becomes the love interest. Throughout the movie, the female characters always look their best, fighting crime in makeup, perfect hair, skin tight and constricting bodysuits, and heels. Meanwhile, their male counterparts wear flashy yet comfortable and movement-allowing costumes.

Not only are the female characters stereotyped but the male ones too. Batman is supposed to be deemed as heroic and brave, yet he comes off as having a god-complex and being selfish. He feels the need to be the savior, be the one who rights all the wrongs. But at the same time, he has next to zero regards for the outcomes of his actions such as economical damage.

Through all of the stereotypes, the movie does depict a true aspect of human nature. It portrays how fragile the world is, how quickly America is to result in war and fighting, especially when there is a reward for us in the end.


  1. I agree with your analysis of the female characters in the movie and I think you did a good job of using the details of the characters to prove your point. Also, I like how you added the part at the end about how there is some truth to the movie even though much of it is false.

  2. I think you did a great job connecting your argument with specific scenes for evidence. I also liked how you focused on a female role in the movie.

  3. I like how this is a very modern topic. Superheroes are a big trend in American cinema right now. I feel there needs to be more positive female characters in these action film also. I like the specific points made in the paper. Great job.