Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Song About "You"

A Song About “You”
The song You was made by an artist named Cam Meekins. The song is about a girl he was close with who he loved and how she took her own life. it connects with people being self conscious about themselves and how someone’s it leads to suicide, how it affects other people in your life, how much they will miss you and how much they cared for you.
In the song You, by Cam Meekins, he talks about a girl who took her life and how it impacted him and the people around him. He talked about the girl he cared about who took her life and because she did so many people were sad and it affected them. This song supports society because some people i know have dealt with this and i was there for them to help them through it.
I have only one argument and that is about hiding depression and how many people go through it not wanting to tell anyone and sometimes they don’t tell people about it and it leads to them departing this world and them leaving behind people hurt and broken. This is in the news a good amount and it’s sad to see because many people care about people who have died. This whole songs explains what she meant to Cam Meekins ad how it was impacting to his whole life.

I’ve grown up knowing some people who went through a situation like this and it was hard for them and even for me. I have know a few people who took their life because of a situation the felt like they couldn’t handle or not even finding out the reason. Cam Meekins in the song said “ Remember I was just a trapped kid and forgotten, but you believed in me, that’ll never be forgotten”. In these quotes you can tell how close Cam Meekins was with the girl he was talking about because he felt like she saved him and lifted him up. This is a quote supporting his thoughts about after she died and how much he cared for her. This whole story also breaks stereotypes because she was a beautiful girl who seemed to enjoy life and looked forwards to having a good future to just suddenly killing herself and not saying why. This was a sad song but a great one that I would recommend to everyone

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