Sunday, April 9, 2017

Get Out's Hidden Secret

The record breaking movie, “Get out” has been seen as a film that is mainly focused on race and the relationships between people of different races. But the movie does much more than that by breaking the dangerous stereotypes of women in society today. Although the film conveys Rose as a seductress in the beginning, the modern thriller breaks this stereotype of women by having both main female characters be the antagonists of the movie, and by not having Rose be your typical woman in a movie.

In the beginning of the movie, Rose is portrayed as a sort of seductress. She is constantly kissing Chris, and is trying to ensure him that everything will be alright. As the movie progresses, Rose begins to do more and more to convince Chris that everything will be alright. At this point, Chris knows that something is not right, but Rose won’t let him leave, and continues to to keep him there until it's too late for Chris. By having Rose control Chris with constant touching, and emotional support, she fills the role of a classic seductress.

The thriller then breaks this stereotype by having both of the female characters being the antagonists of the movie. In the movie the mother, Missy, and the daughter, Rose, are both crucial to the main plan in the movie. Rose’s job is to get Chris into the house and make sure that he doesn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary, and Missy’s job is to hypnotize him so that the family can control him for their own personal gain. They both do their jobs successfully without the help of any man, which you don't see in many movies. In most movies, the main antagonist is a man, who at most may have a scantily clad assistant, but by having the main villains being both women shows that women have agency, and are not just dolls in movies to be idolized.

The other way that the movie breaks stereotypes is the way that it depicts Rose as a bad ass. In the beginning of the movie, we see Rose as this good girlfriend that is just trying to introduce his boyfriend to her parents. Throughout the whole though, Rose slowly begins to turn into a bad ass. She begins to manipulate him and reassures him that nothing is wrong. As the plan progresses, and Chris escapes, Rose has to take measures into her own hands, by taking a sniper rifle and trying to shoot Chris as he escapes. When this doesn’t work Rose has to then come face to face with Chris and kill him as he is driving away from the house. By having Rose do many violent actions breaks the stereotype that all women are soft, and want to be passive. Rose has no problem being violent, and getting her hands in there and finishing the job herself.

In conclusion, the movie “Get out” depicts the stereotype of a seductress through Rose, but then fights this stereotype by depicting women in a major antagonist role, and by showing them to do violent things. Although this movie’s main focus is about race, there are factors that show that there was some thought put into the gender aspect of the movie as well.

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  1. I really like what you said about how Get Out has two female characters that are antagonists with main roles in the movie. This relates to my argument with The Office and how it has 6 female characters that all have main characters in the show.