Sunday, December 18, 2016

Creating a Fake Identity in a Post Modern World

You can find anyone through social media these days, and how could that be a bad thing? Social media has given us ways to connect with so many people in a variety of different ways. People can spew out their opinions on anything through Twitter, share a picture for a short time on Snapchat, put basically anything on Facebook, upload picture to Instagram and videos to YouTube. 

And yeah, staying connected is great. But social media only shows the highlights of people's lives. We see images of friends, friends of friends, the people that you never talk to but you always pass in the hallways, celebrities promoting brands and their own images, and companies promoting themselves. Which is okay, but eventually people think that the highlights is that person's everyday life. 

But, as a social species we need validation, so we try to compete with every single image that comes our way. Some people don't feel this need, they're perfectly fine with who they are. Others post anything wanting to get the most comments, the most likes, the most views, or even the most shares. They only share their best to their own friends and followers and the cycle just continues on.

People  begin to make themselves up to be greater than they actually are. Can we truthfully even know someone through social media? Because while people are not exactly lying, we are not showing our daily life either. 

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